Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In Dreams by SI Hayes

BOOK SERIES REVIEW: In Dreams by S. I. Hayes

In Dreams: The Solitary Road: 3.5 stars

This isn't your typical paranormal or typical sci-fi book. It was a little bit of both. Add in some angst and some drama and you're given one enjoyable book. While I don't generally gravitate towards books with any sci-fi type of feel this one was a little too intriguing to pass up. 

Following Amara on her journey in life, romance, and finding herself will leave readers wanting more. She goes through many trials to get where life leads her by the end of the book. But as a reader hopefully this will endear you more to her story. 

In Dreams: The Unavoidable Road: 3.5 stars

Amara's story picks up quite nicely in this second book. It pulled me in a little more then the first book. Amara and Morgan meet and begin together a new kind of journey that I didn't exactly see coming. But once they started I wasn't surprised by why they were headed that way. Amara is strong and seems to know what she wants. Yet I felt that Morgan complimented her nicely. 

All the details and easy flow of this book make it easy to be drawn in to this epic world of fantasy. I look forward to more of Amara's and Morgan's story. 

In Dreams: The Savage Road : 4 stars

This book brings Amara's story around nicely. With the help of Morgan she's able to get some answers and figure out what she needs to do to accomplish what she's set herself up for. There is plenty of action and adventure that helps to wrap everything up nicely. But sometimes you never know if a story could continue. I think it would be nice to get a little more of all of the characters. As well as having more of this epic fantasy type of book. I look forward to seeing what S.I Hayes brings to the table next. 

Reviewed by @Clearly_29 for Kolleen's Book Obsessions 

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