Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Author Spotlight: Cassia Leo

Cassia Leo... I have been putting off spotlighting her only because I am trying to read everything she has ever written first. BUT the woman keeps writing amazing things I just can't keep up so I decided to just gush about what I have read so far.

Popped my Cassia Leo cherry with the amazing stand alone, Black Box. I personally freaking loved it and it launched me into full on FanGirl mode. I have a soft spot for dark stories and black box was certainly that. Some bad things go down in both these peoples lives but fate intervenes three times to save them. Reminding them that there are things in this life that are worth fighting for, worth living for even if you feel unworthy of the air you breathe. It hurt my heart but I LOVE a story that evokes that much emotion. She has some serious talent!

After devouring Black Box I was like a fat kid on a bender snatching up everything I could find. When I love a book I don't just think wow that was cool onto something else... Nope not this FanGirl... When I read a book I loved I then begin the social networking stalking. She is on Facebook and Twitter... Actually HER! I LOVE when I tweet how much I loved a book and the author gushes back how happy they are I love it. Makes me feel special & that to her I'm not just another person handing her money, I am a fan and she is a fan of fans. Makes me love her so much more :)

Claire & Chris & Adam love triangle/second chance romance. Sweet and endearing.

Shattered Hearts Series was next. It tells a story of second chance romance. It's a love triangle but one that you just don't know who you love more. Claire & Chris were in love once upon a time but she sacrificed that love so he could live his dreams. Fast forward six months and Claire is living with some very hard decisions she was forced to make. She meets Adam who is just awesome and perfect and sweet. So she begins to take steps to a new life. Cue the return of her first love!  Adam may be perfect but is he perfect for her? Epic love story with a few cries and DONT forget to read Abandon a companion novel about Tristan & Senia, so fricken good! 
Tristan & Senia's story. Kind of dark and sweet.

Crazy hot sex, bad ass mobster alpha. So damn sexy.

THEN... I came across Knox a serial that is still in progress (Parts 1&2 of 4 have been released)... So effing sexy! Just filthy and hot and dangerous. It tells the tale of Rebecca, the daughter of a mob boss who has disowned her family. And Knox a brutal sexy as eff mobster. They have a history and can't keep their hands off each other. Seriously it's delicious book porn! You cannot imagine my excitement when Miss Cassia Leo sent me book two for free to read & review... I was squealing and it pretty much solidified my FanGirl status. I am shouting from the rooftops for everyone to check her out. Can you say 1-Click?

Haven't read this yet but it is definitely a panty dropper... AND book one is FREE on Amazon!

Luke will be the next series I devour. Looks like a panty dropper. And is also FREE on amazon!

I haven't read her paranormal series Parallel Spirits but I will as soon as I can get my hands on it!
She has a wonderful way of telling a story and pulling you in, making you care about these characters. There are a lot of writers who have ONE style, NOT Cassia Leo, her books all have a different feel to them. Some are dark and violent and others are sweet and endearing, and others still are just panty droppingly hot. (Yes droppingly is a word... Cuz I say so that's why!)

So to sum it up you'd be a fool to NOT read her work. There is something for everyone. You won't be disappointed. She has some crazy deals on Amazon & if you love her sign up for her news letter cuz she sometimes sends us something special. 

Here's how to stalk her:
2. Her web page

I hope one day I can get to a book signing so I can FanGirl in person :) 

Until then I shall keep shouting from the social networking rooftops and doing my duty to bring light to awesome books, fighting the good fight and saving the world... One book at a time. 

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