Friday, September 26, 2014

Little Dove by Jaden "Evil Genius" Wilkes

First and foremost y'all need to read book one (The Beast) and two (Perfectly Normal). All three books in the series are quite different. Expect all to have action, violence, sex and extremely dark subject matter... This is NOT a happy to lucky love story... Wicked people doing wicked deeds and it's littered with triggers like human trafficking and ALL that that entails, some will not be able to handle this book or series. 
I on the other hand love dark and twisted books and thought Little Dove was breath taking!

Giving ZERO SPOILERS makes explaining a third book difficult but the journey and the horrors that go on in this book will break your heart and make you appreciate the life you live and the freedoms it allows. There is something about characters having to earn their happily ever after that has always appealed to me, nothing comes easy for these people and if you fancy something dark THIS is for you!

A quick character recap...
Dimitri - an huge powerful alpha, ex Russian Enforcer, reclusive, sexy billionaire.
Columbia - a poor, long time abuse victim, with a heart of gold and a stubborn streak a mile long.
"The Concierge" - Dimitri's go to man, his name is a secret you have to earn by reading book two  he is loyal, strong, and did I mention sexy as sweet eff! I know he's technically a secondary character but he is my primary lust target... Especially in book two. 
Ioana & Boian - two new characters introduced in the Epilogue of Perfectly Normal through twisted fate end up in the world of Dimitri & Columbia. It feels like the universe is conspiring to keep these two apart, it will break your heart.

So when this book opens they are living a HEA-ish existence but decide to set out on a mission and chaos ensues and the results are nothing you'd expect or imagine. Sorry... being book three not much else I can divulge aside from telling you it's epic levels of crazy shit going on in this book!

Let me make it easy for you to give her your support. :D 

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