Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Devil Behind Me by Evangelene

Holy mother effing crap... Let me attempt to be slightly intelligent as I freak out about The Devil Trilogy by Evangelene...

Picture the biggest, richest asshole ever, then picture a poor desperate girl who completely hates him but will do anything to help her family... Now make them fake being a couple.
It was sad and heart breaking they way they hated each other, the things they said & did was insane! I had tears in my eyes for so much of this series. The desperation and pain these two people endure. GOD!!!! It's like Fifty sheets meets Against all odds... Beautiful and completely fricking broken.
 I loved it but it HURT.
Book one Devil Behind Me is out NOW. 
Book two Husband Beside Me, I just beta read and should be out in November 2014. Insanely good!

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