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Interview with Masquerade author Dahlia Donovan

Masquerade by Dahlia Donovan...


As the months have gone by since Ivy and her wolves bonded, hints have continually been dropped about moving in together and marriage. It's unfortunate then that theromantic proposal which Ivy had hoped for never quite arrived. Her two alpha wolves instead merely demand her hand in marriage. 


Suitably unimpressed, Ivy tells her gits to bugger off and hops on a private jet for a swanky masked ball in Monte Carlo with Alicia, Alim and Dane. 


Can Steve and Gareth find the right words to win the yes from her lips? 


You just never know who or what you'll find at a masquerade.

An Interview with Dahlia Donovan by Kolleen

1.  Who is your favourite character you have written? Why?

Oh, that’s a painful question. I’m going to have angry characters yelling in my head. Truthfully? Of all the women in the series, Ivy is probably still my favourite because she was the first, Elaine is a close second.  She’s close to my heart for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I understand her social awkwardness.


Of the men in the series, Steve will likely always be at the top of my list.  He ticks off all the boxes of my ideal man.  He’s a little older than the rest.  He’s all alpha male and takes things seriously, but still indulges in the little things as well.

2. What came first when you started the Blackbird Series, the story or the characters?

Hmm. That’s tricky.  The idea of the story and Ivy, herself, came at about the same time.  

3. Where do you draw your inspiration? How do you "set the mood" for a writing session?

I draw inspiration from everywhere. It really depends on which characters I’m writing.  For Ivy, I listened to a lot of jazz music and watched a lot of Strike Back. 

4. Will we be seeing more from these characters or are you working on something new?

Oh yes.  We’ll be seeing a lot more from the Blackbird Pack.  I’m hoping at the end to have six to seven books in the series.

5. What was the last book you read that amazed you? 

I can’t tell you that because I was beta-reading for a friend. ;)

 I’ve been reading Mary Balogh’s Survivor Club series.  It’s probably the most recent published books which I’ve read and found I loved quite a bit, enough to re-read them at the very least.

Thank you for your time Dahlia! 

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