Monday, October 27, 2014

Blogger Black Out? No thanks.

A blogger black out... For real?! SmMFh...

I prefer to leave the drama whores to their drama whoring and the haters to their hating... 
There will be no black out up in here.

The whole reason I blog is to support Authors, not draw some line in the sand separating us & them. I refuse to grab a pitch fork and linch someone when whatever went down has NOTHING to do with me or my blog. I don't know all the drama but I know that I don't post bad reviews because it's rarely done in good taste and almost always makes you sound like an opinionated bitch. Seriously if you hated it that ONE STAR rating speaks volumes. 

I don't condone what Kathleen Hale did nor do I understand why she did it, wanna know a secret...

It doesn't matter cuz it's none of our fucking business LOL 

So I will keep spreading the LOVE not the hate. loving books and authors.  

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