Friday, March 6, 2015

REVIEW: The 27 Club by Kim Karr

REVIEW: The 27 Club by Kim Karr

B& N:

I liked this story a lot. It was sad and sweet and sexy. 

Zoey was going through such a hard time in her life, convinced she is going to die, like many other family members had at age 27. She had pretty much given up, she needed something to live for. She goes to her brother's house to get a glimpse into his life and maybe some answers, what she finds raises more questions.

Enter Nate  He knew her brother and saw what he had went through and refuses to play into her fate-controls-everything line of thinking. He helped her find something to live for. 

It was emotional, sweet and heart felt. And of course the sex was crazy HOT! LOL 
All in all it was a good read, not what I expected but I really enjoyed the unique story.

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