Friday, May 29, 2015

NEW RELEASE REVIEW: One Night With A Star by Merry Farmer

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One Night With A Star by Merry Farmer
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One summer night… 

Jenny Young fulfilled every girl’s most sizzling fantasy the night she ended up with mega movie star, Simon Mercer, in her bed. It was hot, it was intimate, it was the stuff of dreams. 

One big mistake… 

Until the next morning, when Simon skipped out on her. Nine months later, Jenny’s whole world changed when her son was born. 

One last chance… 

Now Simon is back, hoping to make up for his mistakes and prove he’s turned over a new leaf. But winning Jenny back won’t be as easy as he thinks. She has more to lose than just her heart this time, she has her son. 

Are second chances only the stuff of Hollywood dreams, or can Simon make that one night into a promise of forever? 

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam level – very hot

Merry Farmer... I love her style. She writes these heartwarming Hollywood worthy romances that make me swoon. I loved Summer with A Star and I LOVED One Night With A Star too.

Simon Mercer walked away from Jenny Young after one incredibly night. He knew she was the one for him but he needed to make himself a better man first. Simon was awesome, funny and sweet. 

Jenny Young has had a year of hard choices and is shocked to see Simon back in her life. She was SO feisty, I loved her so much. She took no crud from anyone, it was awesome to see her finally take control over her life and find her bliss. 

Great story, full of love, friendships & loyalty. You root for these two to finally get passed all the obstacles and get to their happily ever after. One Night With A Star is the perfect summer read. 

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