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Beneath the Cape: Superhero Anthology

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Beneath the Cape: The Superhero Anthology

Only available July 1st - October 1st.

Each author is donating 100% of every penny earned from this anthology to our real life superheroes through the Wounded Warrior Project!

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Save the world and protect mankind.

But what’s beneath the cape? Behind the mask? Under the steel-plated façade?

Eight bestselling New Adult romance authors have come together to bring you seven stories about superheroes and what it takes to win their hearts. From the skies, to the cities, to the ocean, our superheroes face death, fight villains, conquer evil and—

Find love.

The world is full of heroes. Every-day men and women who risk their lives for the sake of others—for life, liberty, freedom, and justice. Often these men and women are wounded—physically or mentally—in the line of duty. Therefore, we have created this anthology with the sole purpose of benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project.

Because heroes should never be forgotten.
Villain by Cheryl McIntyre in
Beneath the Cape: The Superhero Anthology
Before Ember has a chance to say anything more, a single snowflake lands on the tip of her nose, melting on contact. She peers up at the sky, her mouth forming a wondrous smile as more and more snow flutters slowly down upon us.
“That’s beautiful,” she utters.
“Agreed,” I rasp.
Her smiles fades as she looks over at me, catching me staring. She pitches to her side, eyes falling on my mouth.
“I’m not going to kiss you,” I tell her, easily reading her thoughts, but it’s such a weak warning. I won’t make the first move, but if she asks, I’m pretty fucking sure I’ll comply. “You should be treated with respect and care. Always, Ember. I just want to make sure you understand I’m trying to do that.” I shake my head, dumbfounded with this unfamiliar side of me. No, it’s not unfamiliar, it’s just been laying dormant, frozen for so long. I thought this part of me was gone. Dead.
“I’m trying,” I repeat.
She leans in, her mouth hovering just above mine. “You’ve been nothing but respectful and caring with me, Lane, and I appreciate that. I do. But…”
“But?” I lead, my voice low and barely audible. I feel my head lifting in her direction on its own accord.
“But,” she whispers, lips brushing mine softly. “You’ve made your point. I believe you. Right now though, I don’t want to be handled with care. I want—”
I cut her off, gripping her waist and rolling us so that I’m the one above her. “What do you want, Ember?”
Her fingers sink into the hair at the nape of my neck, pulling me to her. She doesn’t answer. She doesn’t need to. Our mouths connect and she kisses me like she did on New Year’s Eve. She kisses me like she’s trying to end me.
Copyright © 2015 by Cheryl McIntyre All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2015 Cheryl McIntyre, All rights reserved.

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