Friday, July 10, 2015

REVIEW: Toxic by Kim Karr

“I knew I was playing with fire, but he was my only hope for answers."
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~*~*~*~ REVIEW~*~*~*~*
I've read a couple of Kim Karr books in the past and really enjoyed them. For a second chance romance type of book I didn't like Toxic as much as I though I would. 

Jeremy and Phoebe get torn apart after being together a short time. The lack of trust they had in each other and in them selves was a big red flag for me. When they do meet back up years later neither is the same person they were but the trust issues are still there. The insecurities they have throughout the book are both sad and a little heart breaking. There were so many circumstances that could've been prevented with just a little more faith. Trust, jealousy, and lack of confidence tear these to apart repeatedly. But they do have love. Love for each other that makes them both willing to fight for one another. 

There were times I'd wish they'd talk instead of screw each others brains out and there were times I wanted to smack them both upside the head. At one point I even threw the book down and walked away. 

Overall I'd give Toxic a sad 3.5 stars. 
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