Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Down London Road by Samantha Young

It was sweet, sexy, funny and heartbreaking... 

Cam was so incredibly sexy and sweet, kind and fiercely loyal and supportive in a completely unapologetic way.  Johanna broke my heart the pain she endured and the life she was desperate to live. i had a hard time with her constant 'I'm not worthy' inner monologue and the way she thought the only way for her to survive and support her brother was to find a sugar daddy... ugh. The relationship between Jo & her brother was so touching, the way she did everything to protect him from the childhood she suffered at the hands of their parents, she was fierce when Cole was in danger. The brutal confrontations were so thick with emotion I couldn't help but get swept up and cry! There were a few good twists and I loved how (like Joss from the first book) Jo came from nothing but built this amazing family to love and support her and finally let them help her! 
“Some people are born with family, and others have to make family.”
The passion between Cam & Jo was HOT & the sexual tension in the beginning was... Intense! 
I loved Joss, Braden & Ellie's reappearance too. All & all a great read.

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