Monday, January 30, 2012

Possession Review

Possession by Elana Johnson

“He walked close enough to hold hands and far enough away that words could never repair the damage we'd done to each other.”
Elana Johnson,

I love the first scene of this book. It gets its hooks into you right from the start. Vi is arrested & thrown in prison for the unthinkable at least in the Goodlands...walking in the park, at night, with a boy.

Strangely they throw her in the same cell as Jag a boy from the Badlands, a place she has been told her whole life is full of terrible people. But they soon find out there is something special about them & why they are brought together.

Vi & Jag can control people by thoughts & voice and the leader of the Goodlands wants them to brainwash it's citizens in exchange for their release.

It's an action read & of course Vi & Jag fall for each other. Two crazy kids trying to change the world & find a way to just be happy in love. There are so many twists & turns, keeps you on the edge of your seat. I went into it thinking it was a stand alone novel and when I reached the end, I was horrified to read it would be continued, so I was left sad & wanting more. Which I guess is a good thing ;P

I really cant reveal anymore with out ruining it for you. It is another novel in the list of great Dystopian Fiction. I recommend it to anyone who liked the Uglies Series.

Rating 4/5 - Mind controlling fun!

Look for the sequel: Surrender coming out June 15, 2012.

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