Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Adult 101

What IS New Adult? 
I get asked that quite a bit. Some crazy people out there in the book world deny it is a "real" genre. Those people suck and... can't be friends. New Adult books are in essence Romance books, with the characters usually between the ages of 18-30. HOT alpha male sex & emotional turmoil is to be expected. So if you hate filthy book sex... Move along, nothing to see here.

My gateway book into the world of NA was Coinsidence of Callie & Cayden by Jessica Sorenson in December 2012. I was blindsided and fell in love with the genre and proceeded to binge read my way through every NA book I could get my hands on for the last year. 

The must read list for Five star NA is as follows... Try to keep up ;)

Abbi Glines is the QUEEN of NA, everything she writes it GOLD!!
My favourite is The Rosemary Beach Series (hot sex, good girls, bad boys gone good, funny, twists & pretty much anything you'd ever want out of a book)
SERIES: In order of awesomeness
RL Mathewson - Neighbour From Hell Series (hilarious banter, crazy sexy)
Belle Aurora - Friend-Zoned Series (awesome sarcastic banter, crazy hot sex)
Rebecca Donovan - Breathe Series (twisted, heart wrenching, broken girl, good guy)
Jessica Sorenson - Ella & Micha, Callie & Cayden (bad boys, broken girls, twists & cries)
KA Tucker - Ten Tiny Breath Series (companion series, bad boys, bad/broken girls)
Colleen Hoover - Slammed Series (good girl/guy, life throws them a curveball)

STAND ALONE BOOKS: In order of awesomeness
Jamie MacGuire - Beautiful Disaster (bad boy, good girl with past, funny, cries)
Molly McAdams - Taking Chances (has it all bad boys, good guys, funny, hot sex, ugly cries)
Colleen Hoover - Hopeless (broken girl, good guy, twists, heart wrenching, hot)
Jasinda Wilder - Falling Into You (ugly cries, broken girl & guy, heart wrenching, twisted)
Aurora Rose Reynolds - Until November (bad boy, good girl, twists, ugly cry, funny)
Katja Millay - Sea of Tranquility (ugly cry, broken girl, damaged good guy, heart breaking)
JA Remirski - Edge of Never (good girl, sexy guy, music, road trip, twist, ugly cry, hot sex, funny)
Easy - Tamara Webber (good girl, boy with past, hot, funny)

Yes there are a ton of other authors out there who write awesome books. These amazing books stood out above the rest I've read in the passed year. They made me laugh, cry and most importantly make me fall in love right along side the characters. I loved each and everyone of those books above and in most cases read more than once. I know I am forgetting some so check out www.goodreads.com they have many lists of the best NA has to offer. 

NA men are something to behold. Strong yet damaged Alpha males who are fiercely loyal & would tear the world apart if it mean keeping their women safe. Some are perfection personified good guys or man whore, tattooed bad boys.

One downfall of NA is that 75% of the time the girl lead is wide eyed, naive & virginal. And 90% of guys are man whores. Not that that is a bad thing! I enjoyed the deflowering of Abby Abernathy and many others but do love it when the girls are as big of fuck up (or more so) than the boys, broken souls barely surviving until they find something/someone worth fighting for. 

There is a fine line between New Adult and Erotica... I was surprised to find a few of the books listed above were classed as NA and NOT erotica. Regardless I don't think you can find a NA book that doesn't contain UBER hot sex scenes, and why on earth would you want to.
Read them, love them, tell your friends about them.

This concludes our lecture on New Adult 101. 

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