Monday, October 7, 2013

Sing (#7 Songs of Submission) by CD Reiss

I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Seriously, I am going to start by fangirling about CD Reiss for a moment. 

Five Reasons why CD Reiss needs to be my BFF:
1. Jonathan Drazen, just the sound of his name makes me want to kneel and call him Sir. 
2. She is wonderful to her fans, Facebook, Twitter ect. She's on it, saying hey and being awesome & shit.
3. She writes the sexiest books I have ever read. Seriously if u thought fifty Shades was sexy, think again, CD Reiss is the queen.
4. She showcases a sexy dominant ginger in her Songs of Submission series, which clearly makes her      a prime candidate for BFF status because, well, I LOVE me a ginger!
5. Her books make me laugh, gasp, cry and most importantly... Cross my legs tighter & feel awkward if I'm reading in public.

Sing was the perfect way to end this amazing series. Though I felt heartbroken for some of it, like she was trying to mess with the perfect ending I wanted in my head but of course she was right and it ended exactly as it should. I loved this series so much, Jonathan Drazen was so wounded in this book, it killed me to see him so weak. Monica's transformation from zombie to.. Well no spoilers there but she really became whole after falling to pieces. I loved the whole ride.

In conclusion, read it. Read it now. Well, I mean read the WHOLE series because it's fantastic, and filthy. 

So if you're looking to loose yourself in a dirty book. Look no further. 
If you hate smutty romance with alpha males & bondage.... 
Sorry we can't be friends :)

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  1. Love that you found the writings of CD Reiss and enjoyed it! Hope you have read the whole series – SING just came out to complete the series. While we are going through withdrawals over the story being done we are excited to what she comes up with next! She has a very dedicated group of goddesses (her adoring fans) who are trying to get the word out and would love if you could help spread the word again of Jonathan and Monica’s story and this wonderful author!
    BEG which is still offered as a FREE book is up for the Goodreads Romance Debuts 2013 – hope everyone votes!
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