Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Have you ever saw a book and just KNEW you were going to love it? 

That is what happened with Until November. I saw the cover and thought... HOT, I must read this. I read the write up on GoodRead & fell a little harder. Then, I stalked Aurora Rose Reynolds on Twitter & Facebook and discovered, she is awesome, sarcastic and funny. At this point I was shouting "shut up and take my money!".

So in a nut shell Until November is about a woman who moved to a small town after being attacked in NYC, to live with her Dad. She has a troubled relationship with her mother & never knew her dad growing up. She meets Asher James Mayson, a delicious tattooed, alpha male, former bad boy. Obviously I fell I love with him as quickly as she did.

Asher's family was one of the best parts for me. His brothers Nico, Cash & Trevor were fantastic, sarcastic and hilarious. I heard a rumour that we get more of them in books to follow. Each one of them fiercely loyal and crazy hot. I loved Susan and James as the hilarious parents to this unruly group of guys. The way they all opened their heart & welcomed her into the family was so heart warming.

November was feisty, hilarious and I loved how she stood her ground against all these alpha guys trying to boss her around. She was fantastic. So excited and bubbly, just loving life.

I found myself reading this book with a huge smile on my face. It was just a UBER sexy, feel good, laugh out loud great read. Exactly what I was looking for. The epilogue cracked me up. I loved the happily ever after. New Adult perfection!

I really enjoyed the writing style and I am looking forward to devouring anything else she writes.

If you loved this book, like I did check out:
* Friend-Zoned by Belle Aurora. Same funny awesome alpha male friends & hot sexy bits.
* Neighbour From Hell Series by R.L. Mathewson. I swear the Mayson boys are related to the Bradford's in some crazy fictional world. 
* Rosemary Beach Series by Abbi Glines. Same HOT sex & funny bits.

If you're looking for a heart warming, funny book, with crazy HOT sex scenes this one is for you. 

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