Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Book Love

I read so many beautiful books on 2014. I could go on for days about them but chances are I've already blogged my love for them to death. So I opted for a visual.
I was feeling wicked creative and uber lazy this morning, a fun combination I know LOL
I've been wanting to mess about with word clouds for ages, I'm not nearly as talented as so many others Ive seen, Jadence Wilkes did some amazing ones for her Beast Series as well as FreakShow. 
I'm learning 😜

First up is a mashup of my favourite Love stories the books that left me with that feel good, sighing in a glow of everlasting love... Happily ever after kind of books. 

Next I'm going dark & dirty... These are the filthy, panty melting, alpha male, tie me up and show me what a man you are kind of books :) ya... These are my faves. There is still the love and the sweetness but mostly it's going to push your boundaries on what you can handle. This is where the bad boys come to play... and we love every moment of it, even when it hurts.

Ok let's clean this shit up a bit... I confess... I am a LOVER of young adult fantasy & dystopian 😍
The angst, the torturous adventures through barren worlds of fantasy lands. It bring out the kid in me. Not gonna lie if there is a romance I am most likely screaming JUST DO IT AND GET IT OVER WITH! 
But these stories are gritty and dark and may be classified as YOUNG ADULT but they don't lack in amazing storylines and YA books have written the most insanely brave & strong female leads that some "grown up" books have yet to write. 

And to wrap it up and most likely forget to mention some author I obsessively love but somehow forgot to add their name.... 😳
Here's a tribute to some amazing authors that have shaped my reading in 2014. I have loved blogging and pimping your stories and look forward to 2015 and more amazing books :) 
Wordle: 2014 Authors

And finally... I want to send out a shout out to the powers that bring these awesome books to me... 
The Book Promotions & Marketing. Thank you all for keeping my blog interesting & giving me my place in this awesome world of Indie Books ❤️ 


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