Friday, January 2, 2015

Day In The Life

I saw this and thought it was a brilliant idea :) So here goes!!
Snapshot of my blogger life, DAY two of 2015...

Civil Wars cover of Billie Jean on Acoustic Afternoon on Spotify... so good.

Sour keys... Cuz they are so awesome it's hard to stop... Until your tongue hurts!

Grower's Blackberry Cider... Cuz it's HOW WE DO in BC :) 

Hot pink 'snow bunny' tshirt, Hubs green plaid PJ Pants... Fuzzy slippers and glasses. I know... I'm hot... Settle down now.

Content with my little existence in this big old world :) I love the new year, so many possibilities :)

For Pleasure: Five Miles by Lili St. Germain... Seriously the best MC series I've ever read. I LURVE it so hard. She writes gritty things I should cringe away from but instead I'm obsessed with reading more. Check her out, she's AWESOME!
For Work: A Shifter Porn Beta :) I don't think I'm allowed to say more ;)

To publish a book in 2015. Oh yes, I will make it so. It's happening... Eventually.

To seriously get my mother fucking shit together so I can publish this book. It takes serious planning and I'm like a freaking crow jacked up on jelly beans. Oh... Look! A shiny new book!

These battery operated, remote control candles I got for Christmas are the shit. Seriously, whoever thought of this idea des

Some kid free time with my hubs now that the kids are snug in their beds 😍 

Good night ❤️ hope your 2015 is brilliant ❤️

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