Monday, January 26, 2015

REVIEW: Throb by Vi Keeland

I was waiting on the purchase links to post with my review but I am wicked impatient so I will post another one when Amazon is done clutching their pearls and shuffling their feet. 

Ok let's start off by saying I'm a huge fan of Vi Keeland and the level of FanGirl squeal the erupted from me when this ARC showed up could break glass. It was a big day for this newbie book blogger! 

Kate is a beautiful determined girl with a lot of responsibilities and decides to sign up for a reality TV show called Throb, think Bachelor but with a rock star as the dude. Hoping she will get far enough to win some prize money. She was feisty and strong which Is awesome in a book girlfriend. 

I loved the happy heart this awesome book gave me. It was exactly the kind of book I needed for the mood I was in, it's a beautiful thing when that happens. I needed Cooper Montgomery and his sweet domineering ways, the way he gives her a choice before her alphas all over her... Sigh. I loved him instantly. He knew what he wanted and he fought for her. It was such a relief he wasn't some asshole Manwhore! He was the perfect gentleman book boyfriend we all swoon over. 

Then there is Flynn (FYI - his book is next called, Beat, coming Summer 2015) I didn't like Flynn... Like AT ALL. I got a manwhore vibe off of him no matter how sweet he appeared to be. Keep in mind that I'm incredibly untrusting of all RockStars in books LOL... I've been hurt before, I don't trust any of the bastards! 

...Anyways.... ;)

This being a spoiler free zone I won't go into it too much other than it was a fantastic falling in love story. I was swept up in these two, I rooted for them, I got all hot & bothered for them. Cuz damn... The sex was hot! He was alpha without feeling like he was suffocating her. He was interested in her life not just in bending her over and ramming her hard until she can't walk the next day. Though let's be honest we all know there was some of that too. 

I liked the whole Hollywood aspect of it, as well as the scripted Reality TV stuff, I found it really interesting! I've always wondered what it was like behind the scenes. 

All in all I loved it. I thought it was smart, sexy and gave me a happy love glow when I was finished. Five Stars for sure! One click worthy!

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