Friday, February 10, 2012

Blood & Chocolate Review

Blood & Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause

"Why me?" she asked, holding on to him.

"Because you cared," he whispered. "You cared so much for your people, it broke your heart to see the pack in ruins. You cared so much for your mother, you risked your life for hers. You cared enough to save someone who wanted you dead. And because you walk like a queen."
Annette Curtis Klause (Blood and Chocolate)

I can't tell you what a treat it is to read a novel that is ONE novel & doesn't have a trilogy waiting in the wings!

Blood and Chocolate is about a girl, Vivian, who just happens to be a werewolf, living with her pack in suburban Maryland. After a terrible fire they lost pack members including her father, the pack leader and had to relocate. Which has left them fighting over who will take over as the new leader. Vivian feels lost among her people and ends up falling for a human boy named Aiden.

Aiden loves all things magical and Vivian gets caught up in love and pretending to be human. Something her pack is not thrilled about
because the men want her for themselves. Especially the incredibly sexy, aspiring leader Gabriel. She loves the bond and security the pack provides but is sick of the constant fighting.

One of their own is killing humans and they need to find out who it is before the locals start asking questions. I didn't LOVE this book but I enjoyed it.

I like the twist that the girl is the werewolf and the boy human, it made for interesting read and her transformations were written really well every muscle shifting & changing. The ending was perfect with some good twists and for once I wasn't ranting about how it should have been.

For anyone who likes a little fantasy this would be a nice quick read, can be read in a day or two. If you have seen the movie, this is completely different. I honestly have no idea why they would change so much of the story, it works better as it is written as with MOST books made into movies! But that is another rant for another day.

Rating: 3/5 - Give it a go :)

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