Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fallen Review

Fallen by Lauren Kate

"She had sand in her mouth and between her toes, the briny wind raising goose bumps on her skin, and the sweetest, spellbound feeling spilling from her heart.
She could, at that moment, have died for him."

"He dipped her low and kissed her fiercely, as if he were angry, and each time his lips left hers, even just for half a second, the most parching thirst ran through her, making her cry out."
Lauren Kate (Fallen (Fallen, #1))

In the case of this novel I judged a book by it's cover and I am glad I did.

Fallen is about a girl, named Luce (Lucinda) who is sent to a reform school where she meets many strange and interesting characters. Two boys catch her eye. Cam, is sweet and kind and Daniel who is NOT sweet or kind and treats her like a pesky infatuated child. Luce is drawn to him in such a powerful way and doesn't know why. Big surprise there, aren't girls always drawn to the guy who ignores them.

She is torn between the two guys and starts digging into Daniels past to try to find a reason for her powerful feelings for this perfect stranger. What she discovers starts to unravel her whole world and everything she believes.

It took a while for this book to get going. Knowing it was a trilogy I wanted the story to get to the point which it didn't do until about half way into the book. I am not a patient reader and it took me 4 days to read this, which for me, is a long time. BUT, that being said, once the writer got to the point I was hooked. I could fill this review with spoilers but that's not my style. Its a good fantasy novel and I enjoyed the last half and am about 5 minutes away from starting in on the next in the series Torment.

I reluctantly will recommend this but only because the story got good, really good and I am excited to see where the trilogy takes Luce & the other characters. I hope the reason for the slow start was due to the necessary intro to all the characters that will be popping up in the next 2 books and not just her style of writing. Fingers crossed.

Rating 3.5/5 - Slow & steady wins the race.

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